Here are a few photos of my new studio space. I am really loving it!

I am so excited to have these featured on one of my favorite blogs, Decor 8 !
















Featured on Decor8


35 Responses to New Studio featured on Decor8

  1. Julianna says:

    This is the most beautiful studiomI have ever seen! Love the vibe.

  2. Paula says:

    Very beautiful! You have a great taste, Jeremy! Love all the decoration details

  3. Nam says:

    Clean, timeless, contemporary and vintage all at the same time. Wonderful light and it just BEGS the creativity out of you. Love it, Jeremy!

  4. Michelle K says:

    Great space & beautiful blog! I do weddings occasionally for my friends & family only. Next time I do, I’ll definitely check your blog for inspiration. Great work.


  5. Thank you Julianna!

  6. Paula, thanks for the kind words!

  7. Thanks Nam! I look forward to hanging out here together!

  8. ali says:

    um, are you kidding me with this? this is your studio? i wish this were my HOME! and is that pola in working order??? dang, i so love your style. so fun to see a glimpse into your studio! ali

  9. Jo says:

    Your studio space is truly wonderful. Totally gorgeous and (not that it matters!) but in my favourite colour pallete I could ever imagine. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Thanks Ali! Yes, I shoot the polaroid all the time! I love it!

  11. Thanks so much Jo!

  12. Katie says:

    this is the most beautiful space! seriously incredible! your couch is all the talk on pinterest! where did you purchase it?

  13. http://harwellphotography.com says:

    Thank you! The sofa is from Room & Board. It is the Reese in spice boucle.

  14. Katie says:

    awesome- thank you!

  15. g. says:

    You are doing such a great lovely work Jeremy that is a pleasure for the eyes!
    You worth the featuring on Decor8!

  16. Lindsey says:

    I love your space! Is the big print a list of Baltimore biking paths? I’m from Baltimore and I’m recognizing all the street names. It’s a great print!

  17. […] {Jeremy Harwell, via Decor8} […]

  18. http://harwellphotography.com says:


    The sign is actually from an old Trolley car.The streets are routes in Baltimore.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  19. design elements says:

    your studio looks great, Jeremy! just posted it on my blog.


  20. LN says:

    It seems so ‘Fresh’.
    Very lovely!
    May I ask you the brand of your sofa? nude color?
    Thank you and congratulation for this studio, from France!


  21. LN,
    Thank you! The sofa is from Room & Board. It is the Reese in spice boucle

  22. Alix H. says:

    LOVE your photography and your studio….

    Would you please share your floors with me…what are they? They are beautiful.

  23. Michelle Sanders says:

    Beautiful!!!!!!! I can wait to see it!!!

  24. Alix, Thanks for the kind words! The floor are Heart of Pine from Authentic Pine Flooring in LOcust Grove.

  25. Thanks Michelle!

  26. Nate Henderson says:

    really sweet Jeremy. Love the new place

  27. madlen says:

    i fall in love with your couch_
    please tell me where did you buy it
    nice greetings_

  28. Amy says:

    where did you get that amazing couch?

  29. Amy says:

    sorry — just saw the earlier comments. either there’s a technical glitch or I’m crazy. they didn’t seem to show up at first. 🙂

  30. Ashley says:

    Adore your space! May I ask where you found that wonderful desk?

  31. Ashley,

    I was a vintage market find from the 60’s, danish.

  32. janet says:

    That is SUCH a fabulous couch. Where is it from??

  33. Janet,


    Please see the reponses above for couch info

  34. […] that beautiful desk has for their work. Speaking of which, the picture above is photographer Jeremy Harwell‘s new studio and office – one of the most beautiful and unique offices I’ve come […]

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So excited to share with you pictures form my Daughter Kitty’s 8th Birthday published today on decor8!

The party was designed by my Amazing Wife, she sewed all the decorations by hand and made all the caked and sweets from scratch. Needless to say the party was a huge success! Kitty loves puppies especially her own, “Lola”. So she was so excited to sew and play with all her friends and of course her puppy!

One of my favorite design blogs in the world, decor8 has featured this on Her amazing blog today.

“Founder & Editor Holly Becker, a freelance journalist and design consultant, launched decor8 in January 2006 long before design blogs became a trusted and popular source of information on the web. An established site known as a reliable design resource to over 35,000 readers daily, decor8 (a creative play on the word decorate) is dedicated to sharing honest opinions, fresh decorating ideas, beautiful interior spaces, independent art and design, products and services, and articles meant to inspire readers to live a more fulfilling, authentic and creative life.”

So excited to be on her blog! Thanks Holly!



























11 Responses to decor8 Kitty’s 8th Birthday

  1. Alicia Robinson says:

    A vintage themed puppy party?!? That is so sweet~ What an adorable idea!
    I saw this post over on decor8 and almost fell out of my chair when I saw that it was your daughter’s party, Jeremy! Great job!!!

  2. Trip and Kristin says:

    You guys are so amazingly creative. The entire setup is gorgeous.

  3. Thank you Alicia! You are so kind!

  4. Thanks Trip & Kristin!!

  5. This is lovely!!! I love the photos and the sweet colors. 🙂

  6. The Nguyens says:

    Umm… check out all of those SWEETS!! Wowzers. We love it Jeremy. Beautiful party. Beautiful details. Beautiful daughter. We’re honored to be your friends and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTY!! 🙂

  7. Emilie,

    Merci beaucoup!!

  8. Nguyens,

    Thank you so much! We are so Thankful for you!

  9. […] I have been finding myself endlessly inspired by beautiful birthday parties, and this pretty vintage puppy themed birthday party photographed by Jeremy Harwell is no exception. Jeremy’s wife planned and designed the party […]

  10. Ashlee says:

    This birthday party is simply amazing and I love all the details!! May I ask where you found the vintage coloring book pages? That is such a sweet and fun touch!

  11. […] really weren’t a lot of inspiration for little girl cutesy puppy parties.  Until I found this deep in the depths of a Google search on little girl’s chic puppy party.  Oh my the […]

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